Tanning Accelerator Creams

Get up to 60% more out of your tanning sessions by using a tanning lotion

The answer is simple, indoor tanning lotions give you better results. They are also an important part of tanning responsibly and keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Here are just some of the reasons why tanning lotion is a must-have:

  • Moist skin tans faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits
  • Tanning lotions allow for better magnification, giving you maximum results
  • Moisturized skin readily absorbs UV light, while dry skin reflects it
  • Active ingredients supplement your skin's cells with the same proteins that naturally enhance the tanning process
  • A specially formulated tanning lotion can give you a lasting tan by helping retain UV induced melanin longer
  • Tanning lotions supply the skin with nutrients essential for a tan, while keeping your skin moist and healthy
  • UV exposure can dehydrate your skin, and tanning lotions help to replenish moisture lost during your tanning session

There are three main categories of tanning lotion;


 Tropical Surge Suretan

Tropical Surge - Sensative Hypoallergenic Blend. Ultra-hydrating and frangrance free, energise, firm and smooth skin with the power of caffeine, shea butter and agarve nectar. £14

 Mango Tango Suretan

Mango Tango - Tantalising Intensifier Firm. This decadent dark intensifier feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agarve Nectar whilst active firmers leave your body toned and smooth.  £14

 Dark n Dazed Emerald bay

Dark 'n' Dazed -  Hempnotic Intensifier Soothe. Hempnotic tanning intensifier with Hemp Seed Oil that moisturisers the skin, essential for those dark tannign results. This high grade lotion with creamy Aloe Butter and coconut oil, soothes and hydrates, leaving you feeling dark 'n' dazed!  £14           

 Definitely Dark emerald bay Definitely Dark - Enhancing Intensifier Smooth. This divinely dark accelerator feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agarve Nectar while Sunflower Oil quenches and improves your skin colour. Butter up and smooth skin with this creamy Shea butter and Aloe enhances lotion leaving you Definitely Dark! £14

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 Chocolatte suretan Chocolatte - Double Bronzer Energize. Caffeinated, dark divine creamy lotion. This scrumptious dark bronzing lotion gives a smooth radiance and delicious buzz with luscious coffee butter and Shea butter. Delectable results are encouraged by Double Sugar Cane bronzers, adn Agarve nectar delivers tan loving nutrients to the skin. £14
 Sunlovin suretan Sun Lovin - Triple Bronzer Renew.  Soak up the sun with this delicious dark Triple Sugar Cane Bronzer complete with tan loving Agave Nectar. This skin quenching lotion untilises Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter to butter up and smooth skin providing deep, dark, prolonged colour. £14
 Shore Thing Suretan Shore Thing - Natural Bronzing Blend Hydrate. Tan-loving Naturals bronzer with Agarve Nectar. This vivacious lotion is infused with Olive fruit Oil and Sunflower Oil to quench skin, leaving you soft, smooth and beautifully bronzed. £14
 Bikini Envy Suretan Bikini Envy - Mesemerising Double Sugar Cane Bronzer, infused with sunflower oil and Aloe to soothe and quench thirsty skin, leaving you beautifully bronzed. £14
 Definitely Black Suretan Definitely Black - Boostin Bronzer Repair. This brilliant black DHA bronzer feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agarve Nectar while Safflower Oil and Vitamin E deeply moisturise to enhance exotic glosing results. £14
 Brown Sugar Special Dark Suretan Brown Sugar Special Dark -  Biotanning, Acai Berry, Minerals & other complexes dd wonderful skin firming, potnet anti-oxidants, and cell renewal to ensure a healthy-looking radiance. £21

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*Advanced tanning. Not recommended for use on face. Excellent for your legs!  

Mojo Suretan  Mojo - Dark Bronzing Sauce. Spice up your life with this wicked hot bronzing sauce. These Double Sugar Cane Bronzers will have you warming up like a hot tamale with the Cayenne Pepper infused Tropical Head. Deliver a risque amber complexion with turmeric while feeding your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agarve nectar. £14.  
 Brown Sugar Suretan Brown Sugar Original - Classic Favourite. This signature bronzer is now deliciously dark with 45x bronzing. An exclusive combination of special bronzers for perfect colour with irresistible warm tingle. £21

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